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Culinary Experiences: Wine & Food Admirers Tour | Santorini

Visit 3 ambassador wineries and learn about the wine history and culture of Santorini, the local grapes and the traditional and modern winemaking methods. All this while of course tasting all the rather undiscovered types of fine wine produced in Santorini.

Culinary Experiences: Creative Cooking | Mykonos

Start your day in Mykonos with "lifestyle cooking". Find yourself on a beach where you will prepare your extraordinary meal with a cook who will show you how to open sea urchins, clams, mussels and more, cook fresh fish and indulge in the flavors the sea has to offer. Afterwards you will head off towards Naxos and Koufonissia Islands, places of exceptional beauty and remarkable traditional.

Culinary Experiences: Minoan Tastes | Crete

Explore and feast on the ancient foods and cooking techniques of Europe's first Bronze Age civilization. This private dinner party is part gastronomical experience and part learning experience, presented with scientific knowledge in order to explore how ancient Minoans (ca. 3000-5000 years ago) performed daily activities.

Culinary Experiences: Cook & Taste Organic Tour | Naxos

Prepare a traditional meal in one of the Greek villages. Immerse yourself in the authentic way of cooking, with local and fresh products certain to elevate your taste buds. Experience Greek hospitality, so much so that you will surely feel part of the Greek family.

Beach Experiences: Diving | Mykonos

Explore the most beautiful areas in the Aegean Sea. All levels of diving levels, from beginners to dive masters, are welcome to participate in exploring the waters of the Aegean. If you are looking for extraordinary sceneries and an unforgettable experience then it is time to dive!!!

Beach Experiences: Private Sunset Cruise with Photographer on Board | Santorini

Discover the island's most enchanting locations aboard your private sailing yacht. Take in the impressive views of Santorini's steep cliffs, snorkel along the coast in the lapis lazuli waters and feast on a grilled seafood dinner prepared on-board.

Beach Experiences: Amanzoe | Peloponnese

Get ready for a once in a lifetime experience! The Amanzoe Kayaking Tour will leave you speechless, you will pass by 3 historically rich fortresses and admire the breathtaking dominant scenery: first you will visit the famous fort of Bourtzi, paddle towards the old town of Nafplio, under the cannons of the Old Town's 1st line of fortification, while the UNESCO World Heritage fortress of Palamidi dominates the view right above it.

Beach Experiences: Fishing Excursion | Paros

The cruise takes place in a one of a kind wooden vintage boat, known as a "schooner", originally built in 1928. The boat is the only one remaining in the Mediterranean waters. To this day and to the knowledge of the European Maritime Heritage, only 60 boats remain with only 10 of them being of the original, authentic design. The Agios Nikolaos boat is officially included in those 10 remaining and we have the pleasure to re-introduce it in the Aegean waters.

Beach Experiences: Extreme Water Sports | Paros

Windsurfing, kitesurfing in Greece. Haven't tried it yet? Learn, practice, or perhaps master one, or both, of these two sports on any windy beach of the Greek islands, particularly in the Cyclades where strong northern winds (Meltemi) blow in the summer months.

Outdoor Activities: Horse Riding | Santorini

Experience the epic landscape of Santorini by horse, over red sand beaches and along the edge of the volcanic crater. Guaranteed to create lasting, picture-perfect, memories.

Outdoor Activities: Atlantis Bookstore | Santorini

The unique beauty and light of Santorini has long captured the attention of artists through the centuries. This exclusive tour also includes a visit to one of the most beautiful and original bookshops in the world, with its eclectic selection of contemporary works, signed volumes and first editions.

Outdoor Activities: Athens from the Sky | Athens

Enjoy a VIP ride of a lifetime. Admire the highlights of Athens from a helicopter. Fly over the highlights of Athens, enjoy breathtaking views and take stunning photos.

Outdoor Activities: Island Safari | Mykonos

Explore the hidden gems of Mykonos Island on this adventure tour. The day begins with a drive to the north west of the island to the natural landmark of Choulakia beach with its prehistoric pebbles and untamed beauty. Continue on towards the east to the secluded beaches of Panormos bay, then follow the roads into the center of the island to Ano Mera where you will visit the ruins of the Venetian castle of Gyzi and enjoy lunch. Next move on towards the southern white sand beaches of Kalafatis and Kalo Livadi. Finally, you will go down to the gold sand beach of Agrari, one of the quietest beaches on the island.

Outdoor Activities: Spinalonga & Knossos Tour | Crete

Starting from the traditional village of Plaka, you will take a small traditional boat to the beautiful island of Spinalonga, one of the most important historic sites of Crete. You will continue visiting the most important archaeological site on Crete and the second most visited archaeological site in Greece, the Minoan palace of Knossos, the mythical Labyrinth of Homer.

Outdoor Activities: Costa Navarino | Peloponnese

Visit one of the most remarkably preserved castles of Greece, overlooking the town of Pylos. Built in 1573, this Ottoman fortress known as Neokastro features impressive defensive walls that guarded the southern approach to the harbor of Pylos.

Outdoor Activities: Meteora | Northern Greece

Depending on your travelling style, you may decide the way you would like to explore the area: hiking or by vehicle. Visit 2 main monasteries of Meteora, the Theopetra prehistoric cave, and discover the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this area.

Cultural Experiences: Discover it Yourself! | Athens

Discover our city in a fun way. Learn about contemporary Athens and what it has to offer. View significant landmarks and sights. Visit local shops. Savor drinks and snacks that Athenians cherish. Interact with the locals. Enjoy!

Cultural Experiences: Tailor Made Experiences | Athens

A little known secret: Greece produces some truly fantastic wines. Enjoy your private wine tasting experience, sample various exceptional Greek wines, and learn about the famous wine-making regions and the process of wine-making with a knowledgeable wine guide.

Cultural Experiences: Folk & Art Tour | Crete

In a typical Cretan traditional village, you will have the opportunity to experience the traditional architecture of Crete today, explore some of the most ancient professions of the island, find out about the Orthodox religion and church architecture and taste unique local products, such as pure olive oil, local wine, "raki", herbal tea, honey right from the source and local cheese.

Cultural Experiences: Be Like a Cretan for a Bit | Crete

A day in a real Cretan house in a traditional mountain village. You will have the chance to participate in every day local activities, experience culinary and other wanders. Be a part of traditional Greek coffee brewing on hot sand, bread making, baking in the wood oven, and much more!

Cultural Experiences: Authentic Textile Tour | Naxos

On this exceptional tour you will witness the procedure of production of a traditional textile with the loom in one of the villages in Naxos from the most experienced seamstress of the island. A rare experience for those looking for something different.
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