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Seez in Greece specializes in bespoke travel experiences in the paradise it gets to call home. We design complete experiences for your clients, taking care of their needs from A to Z, always distinguishing the notion that little is impossible, and firmly believing that wealth is measured by the number of experiences someone collects.




Seize Greece with Seez

Having travelled to over 200 destinations worldwide and having lived in many different countries, we have built great insight for creating world class personalised travel experiences.

We have a personal, consistent, and transparent service approach and work only with trusted partners: properties we have visited, top hotels, exceptional villas, amazing resorts and venues, yachts, and the most professional transfer providers. Thanks to our long-term relationships with our suppliers, we are able to offer our partners up to 20% commission on official rates.

We love Greece to the moon and beyond and are here to share this love with you by designing year-round trips and experiences that become lifelong for your clients.

Countries We Have Explored

Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria, USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Belarus, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, India, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan, UAE, Philippines, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Albania, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Tanzania, Brazil, Cuba, Portugal, Hong Kong, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, United Arab Emirates, India, Seychelles, Mauritius

Meet Our Team: Annia S E


The more you invest in travel, the more your heart opens and your mind grows. You add value to your travel stories. You share enriching moments with your loved ones.

You create a lifetime of memories when you: Seize your "time in-between".

Meet Our Team: George E


We know, live and understand everything about travel.

We have travelled all around the world many times over. We have had a lot of practice. This makes us people who have thought and lived travel, the where, the how, the what, the with whom, over many years in many different places. To the smallest details.

Meet Our Team: Panos S

Travel Designer

Born and raised in Athens I love to communicate with different cultures, to promote my country and create lifetime memories for my clients and partners. Except from studying and working in the hospitality industry I have a big music background therefore when I am not travelling I search for interesting artists and I support the local music scene.

Languages: Greek - native, English - fluent

Meet Our Team: Eleni I

Travel Designer

Being Greek I grew up in Russia and lived in UK before Greece. In London I spent years working in the Luxury, Fashion and Lifestyle industries. Understanding of luxury helps me to define clients' preferences, while my multicultural background made me believe that traveling is the most interesting and beautiful way of self-improvement and mind grow.

Languages: Russian - native language, English - fluent, Greek - intermediate, basic Spanish

Meet Our Team: Yuliya K

Travel Designer

I adore my job as a Travel Designer. It gives me an incredible feeling of happiness and "euphoria" designing experiences and giving incredible opportunities to people to discover and explore the world and all its hidden and unbeaten paths. My favorite destination is Greece. I am in love with every single piece of "her" separately and with all "her" pieces together.

Languages: Russian native, English & Greek fluent, basic German and basic Polish

Meet Our Team: Maria C

Travel Designer

The most memorable moments are the ones that bring a smile to your face. My own experience made me realize that you can achieve that by traveling. I've traveled all over the world and have met so many different nationalities and saw such varying places, and my advice is to collect as many good memories as possible.

Languages: Albanian - native, Greek - fluent, English - fluent

Meet Our Team: Thanos K

Travel Designer

My name is Thanos and I am a Travel Designer. I design your vacations to perfectly fit your needs and surpass your expectations. My goal is to be the Elon Musk of the travel industry and of course, design personalized trips to Mars.

Languages: Greek - native, English - fluent

Meet Our Team: Joanna L

Travel Designer

Being born and raised in Boston, USA, and having lived in several cities around the world, I am now excited to call Athens home. A lover of travel, a stickler for detail, and a customer service enthusiast, I firmly believe that the mind works best when open, like a parachute.

Languages: English - native, Polish - fluent, Greek - beginners

Meet Our Team: Danae A & Theoni S

Danae - Head of Design:
I am Danae and I manage a strong team of smart and creative people who do extraordinary innovative things. We simply never stop creating, bringing many kinds of communication alive.

Theoni - Creative Designer:
I am Theoni and I am a creative enthusiast in film, music, video game, fashion, advertising, media and entertainment. I design for people, brands and a lot more.


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