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Gastronomy: Taste the tradition and legendary tastes of Crete

Awaken your senses and explore the sharp rugged mountains, interact with nature, meet the local producers, and touch the products of the Cretan land. Explore some of 200 villages, its abundant wildlife, plants, flowers and breath in the ever-present scents of wild herbs, taste fresh fruit, the world's best olive oil and delicious cheeses.

On your exploration make sure you taste;
rolled over snails fried with rosemary, vine leaves or stuffed zucchini blossoms and fried rabbit with wine; the delicious traditional salad, rusks topped with tomato, feta cheese, olives, oregano and olive oil, boiled wild greens, smoked pork with herbs & spices.

The mouth-watering Cretan cuisine is a legend to be shared with the world. 

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