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Just for a mood change: Can you resist Mykonos?

From the world’s movie stars to Silicon Valley tech kings, to European royalty, you have one of Europe’s top jet-set playgrounds. Renowned for its gorgeous white sand beaches, crystalline waters, ultra trendy bars, elevated music, potent cocktails, luxury villas and hotels and a blend of gastronomy.

For a quiet moment, escape to a secluded beach for the day, venture further inland and find atmospheric villages and monasteries, world-class museums and a laid-back lifestyle.

Otherwise join the cosmopolitan buzz of beach parties, mingle in a trendy mix of bars at night, and for afterhours head to the cliff top of one of the world’s greatest clubs. Featuring DJ’s such as Tiesto and Steve Aoki, the party keeps going until 10am. Stop for a full-blown breakfast in the center of town and start again!  

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