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Adventure: A breathtaking trekking experience in Zagorochoria

Experience the absence of noise, feel your senses sharpen, alter your consciousness, and enjoy every second! This boundless silence with only the distant bark of a sheep dog or the sound of falling rocks intruding on the utter stillness. The rugged terrain unfolds its beauty slowly and gently for those who pass through in the same way.

Majestic peaks
soar with a timeless air of watchfulness. Clouds saunter across crisp, blue skies while cooling breezes refresh on the warmest summer day. The rocky places are guardians of tiny, boldly coloured flowers that beckon the honey bees. Pure mountain water drips from rocks and small tarns reflect the surrounding splendor.

It is impossible to tread these ancient, solitary paths without reflection and one can appreciate why wise Zagorians say that Greeks discover their true essence in these mountains.

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