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Party: the night away, Athens

From the swanky clubs to the high-end restaurant bars, it’s your chance to rival the nightlife of New York, London and Paris. Party like a true Athenian after 11pm, either uptown or by the sea. Dine with an unforgettable view of the Acropolis, and head down to the Center’s all time classic clubs, upscale crowd pleasers where parties get wild.

Otherwise explore the “glam hood” of Gazi and its boisterous bars from cabaret themed venues to make your own Shamone cocktail, a wicked elixir to die for.

In the summer, lounge on a sea-view terrace embedded in Cycladic architecture amongst flickering candlelit lamps, with a view of the Athenian Riviera; and indulge in the creative Mediterranean cuisine. For your 4am breakfast, taste the mouthwatering donuts drizzled with Greek honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. 

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