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Combine Work with Pleasure: The Cosmopolitan Island of Hydra, everything is moved by a donkey

Extend your business trip and visit the beautiful port village of Hydra, a former home of names like Leonard Cohen and Keith Richards. Explore 300 churches and 6 monasteries, an island of charms, sumptuous mansions and humbler vernacular homes arrayed amphitheatrically around the marble quay.

Amble around its narrow cobbled streets leading from the beautiful harbour and discover the museums and galleries. Have a coffee with a writer or poet in search of inspiration. Enjoy a donkey ride to a small village and delight in the traditional tender beef cooked in red sauce.

Rent a small boat and discover swimming spots around the coast. Enjoy a late evening cocktail, watching the sunset by the sounds of jazz and classical music. And for some quick island hopping visit neighbouring islands for different colours. 

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