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Sports: A surf adventure of a life-time, Florianopolis Brazil

Live it up, sunset strip and Ibiza style, mixed with Brazilian proclivity. Are you surfer crazy? Head to Praia Mole, with powder like sand, ride the world’s first class waves, where you may find some competition with a dolphin occasionally passing by. Or just relax on one of the 42 pristine beaches.

Discover the lush rolling hills, soft white dunes or sparkling lagoons.  Head to the boho-chic town of Lagoa da Conceição and wander among Brazilian artists, intellectuals and media types. Stop off for a caipirinha and a grilled shrimp aperitif.

Immerse yourself into the vibrant nightlife, whether it’s the velvet rope or champagne lounges you are after, or a relaxed bar featuring live Brazilian music, the choice is yours. 

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