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Combine work with pleasure: Shanghai China

The world’s greatest city, where everything delivers! Get your favorite designer suit or dress tailored at the South Bund. 

Continue with a walk in the park right in the heart of the the colonial –era with its shady sycamore trees and stucco villas. Head down to a tiny restaurant and try out Shangai’s best, tofu skin with mushrooms, red-braised port with bamboo shoots or fish on scallions and a stir-fry of Yunnan ham with an untranslatable Shanghai vegetable.

Relax with smoothing woodwind music and scented candles, and let your body experience both pleasure and pain with a mind-blowing massage. Head up to the 33rd floor and enjoy an elegant cocktail with the shimmering lights of the futuristic business district and the Huangpu River that looks like it was designed by George Jetson. On your way out hop on the Mag Lev, the fastest way to Pundong International Airport and watch the speedometer hit 431km/h. 

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